Numerology,Astrology CullBrap.


I am very well aware of the fact that Astrology and numerology and related practices are all ‘science’,  ‘calculations’,  ‘planetary movements’ and blah and blah. But, I simply can not understand why people want to know so much about their past, present (DUH) and future? Why?


So fortunate u found this image! I am a Sagittarian female and I am skeptical about pretty much everything! :P FYI, I am not being a hypocrite.

In India, millions and billions of people blindly follow senile or greedy astrology/numerology pundits. They feel no hesitation in paying thousands of bucks just to know what’s going to happen ahead in their lives and how can they make their situations better. The services provided by these pundits include crazy prayer rituals (again, costing thousands of bucks) and stupid remedies ‘prescribed’ to these needy customers. The so called remedial solutions they tell are hilarious! But no one dares to question them for they are the ‘learned, blessed, God-like pundits’.
I must say, Indians are just brilliant at this ‘blind faith’ thing.
Parents literally marry their one and only daughter to a tree before actually marrying her to a human male , on the suggestions of a Pundit to rid her with astrological sickness and for the smooth functioning of her married life. This is just one example of the various mind-boggling rituals practiced by sadly a very large number of Indians.
Okay.. Enough talking generically.
So yesterday my father’s cousin sister’s husband came over for dinner at our home. After about the initial ten minutes of ice-breaking talk, he started talking, almost boasting, about his great knowledge of numerology. My cousin sister was also present on the occasion. Her parents are apparently extremely worried because she is 25 and yet unmarried ( Yes, 25 not 35. Yes, her parents are tensed that their totally marriage-ready daughter is unmarried and they are unable to find a suitable match for her). So, my father and his older sibling jokingly told our very modest guest to look into my cousin siater’s birth data and find out about this delay in marriage. They were just trying to pull her leg without knowing how seriously everyone else would become shortly. So this uncle began scribbling something on a piece of paper after retrieving my sister’s birth details- date,day,exact time etc. After reckoning for a few minutes he began explaining stuff. He spoke about her planetary positions, her strengths and weaknesses. It was almost ok (bearable) till now. Then he started emphasizing on the negative effects due to the positions of some planets and her ‘astrological sickness’ (sic.). He asked my sis to grab a pen and paper and to start writing whatever remedial tips he was telling . She looked at me, sighed, and hesitantly started jotting down the important points. This is when things became absurd and crazy! I was sitting far away, trying hard to control my laughter, constantly texting her about how weird everything was. Let me give a gist of things the numerology uncle told her. To begin with, he asked my sis to stop buying anything which is blue or black. Then he told her to THROW away all her blue abd black colored clothes. He specifically told her not to give or donate the clothes to anyone but throw them away as early as possible. By the way 90 percent of what she owns is either black or blue :P. Moving on.. He told her visit this extremely crowded temple in our city specifically in the noon-time, every Wednesday. Then he told her to visit an old (above 55 years old) pundit for a prayer ritual every week carrying everything yellow with her ( he gave examples like a mango, turmeric powder etc). Finally he dictated a very complicated and difficult to pronounce Sanskrit mantra to her and told her to say that 3 times everyday. He also very seriously told her to follow these ‘very easy’ steps with all her sincerity and dedication to avoid the ‘dangerous’ repercussions of her astrological condition.

I had completly lost my mind at this point. My grandparents were actually agreeing with the uncle! Oh God. I know all this sounds bizarre. But hundreds and hundreds of people have a lot of faith in this stuff and do not mind carrying out any kind of a bizarre ritual to rid themselves of the negativities affecting their present and future lives.

I am not trying to question the whole practice of astrology inumerology or tarot reading or whatever, nor am I trying to question the beliefs of these ‘followers’. It is beyond my understanding why so many people would go to such great lengths to know about their future and to ensure their wellbeing in the future. What kind of a life would you lead if you already know what ups and downs you’ll have to face in life and when?
I always refrain myself from indulging in all these practices. Whenever people see a fortune-teller or a palm reader or a numerologist, they beg and ask for these talented people to find out about their future lives.
I like taking life as it comes. I simply do not want to know what big successes and failures lie ahead of me. There will be no fun left in LIVING!!
I love living in the present, in the moment, in the here-and-now.

Time for my Happy Dance!


Aaah! I am so happy today! More relieved than happy actually.

Because today I received  the Admission confirmation letter from State University of New York at Albany (for MA in Industrial/organisational Psychology).. YAY :D

There was a time when I was thinking may be none of the universities I am applying to will accept me. This is the first admission confirmation I have received. I’m in an absolute blissful state right now :P Now I’m beginning to think that most probably the other universities I have applied to, will give me admission as well. :D I just have to wait for their respective review processes to finish. But for now I’m delighted to have atleast one university in hand.

I want to thank all the concerned people of State university of New York-Albany for making this decision. It is so difficult to handle my excitement right now! The United States of America, I am coming!!!!! I will be the first in my entire family to go abroad for higher studies…Isn’t that cool?

Is anyone from SUNY-Albany reading this?? Would love to know inside-details about it! By the way, I don’t know if I’m pronouncing the name right.. How is ALBANY pronounced anyway? Is it el-baah-nee or aal-bunny or what?? I’d appreciate a little help :)

My family members are even more excited than I am. Some were on the verge of shedding tears of joy. It was a little awkward moment but thankfully no one cried. Phew.

Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for the rest of the universities’ decisions.




P.S. What are you waiting for? Where are your manners? Come on, Congratulate me! :P

Time Heals : A myth.


I’ve heard everyone say that Time heals everything. “Give it a little time”. Time.Time.TIME!

But does time really heal all wounds? I do not think time is the best healer.

I believe there is something much more important and vital than time. The
first step to the healing process (in simpler words : Moving on) is nothing but ACCEPTANCE! Yes. If you’re trying to move-on ; don’t be a fool and just sit there ‘giving time’ (as they all say). Time DOES NOT HEAL. Period.

“It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.”
― Rose Kennedy

I’ll repeat myself. The first step to the process of healing is Acceptance. One has to come out of the delusional realm of denial . You have to get in touch of the reality, no matter how harsh it is; no matter how unbelievable it is. Get a grip on reality (the present) and accept whatever has happened. Just doing this will make the gruesome task of ‘moving on’ 50% less difficult.

After you have accepted your reality and your fate, leave the rest to the oh-so-powerful TIME. Without acceptance even time can not help you lessen the pain.


Yeah. In a nutshell….

It took me months and months to even think about deleting all the old messages. It took me quite a while to find the strength to reread those messages and just erase them all. It is very difficult to just chuck out a person from your memory. Especially when that person had become so important to you. I would be lying if I say that I managed to erase all memories. This is what happens when you become SO emotionally attached to someone. I had to save some memories i.e, the texts, the emails, the stupid never-ending conversations etc. Why? because I just had to!

For me the art of letting go has always been very difficult. I’m well aware of the fact that many people think it’s silly and crazy. They ask what is the big deal? But I am not someone who gives a justification to everyone. I don’t care what they think. They probably wont even understand if I ever tried explaining.
My case is different because whatever happened, happened so out-of-the-blue. I never got any closure. That’s the main reason which drove me crazy! For me it was like being on cloud 9 and feeling pure bliss one day , then being abandoned the next day. It’s like getting dumped without knowing the reason; the only difference was I didn’t know I was dumped for like a month week! And also it was not a conventional ‘relationship’. Yet, whatever it was, it was something very intense & intimate (emotionally) for me. I had gotten way too attached with the other person.

I don’t want an apology. I just need an explanation.

I started my blog with that thought [ ] ,  and am still stuck somewhere there. The only difference is I don’t feel so pathetic & miserable anymore. And now when I read what I wrote, I feel a little weird. I mean how could I sum up SO much in just about 10 lines? It’s funny. But in my heart I know how tough it was; I remember writing my first-ever blog post with a very heavy heart.


Wow. This is such a great example. Sometimes a random post on your Facebook newsfeed makes you realize about stuff and LEARN.

Have similar stories/experiences? I’d love to hear!