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This one’s solely for you ‘PIKKUDI’.


“A Friend is the one who  comes in when the whole world has gone out.”

– Grace Pulpit

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”

– Aristotle

“A true friend is someone who never gets bored of listening to your pointless dramas over and over again….”

Lastly, I think God made us friends because no mother could handle us as sisters! 😛

We all have read hundreds of quotes about friendship. The best part is that ALL of them are actually true and all of them indicate how important friends are in our lives. Just as oxygen, water and food are vital for our survival, Friends are a necessity for survival too! Need for affiliation and belongingness is common among all human beings. Hmmm…..enough philosophy! Now, lets talk about ‘YOU’.                            [Are you ready? :P]

I don’t  know if I’ve ever told you about this.. that from the very first moment I saw you , I knew there was something special between us. ( I’m not taliking about ‘Love at first sight’ peeps! haha 😛 ). I can’t really explain what kind of a feeling it was; but I clearly remember that I sensed something.. some unfathomable intuition may be.. or a clairvoyant vibe.. I don’t know!! But whatever that was, it encouraged me to talk to you and your mum. And I somehow convinced you both to ask the principal of our school to put you in my section. (Year – 2007, Tenth standard. Hope you remember 🙂 )

Well, that’s how it all began. It has been SIX years of togetherness ! ❤ I truly hope our friendship remains the same till eternity. (Cheesy much? 😛 hehe.. Bear with me please. 😛 )

I have Two major reasons for writing this post—->

  1. I wanted to do something different and special for you on your birthday (3rd November, 2012). Didn’t want to please you with some tangible, materialistic present. Hope you aren’t dissapointed! 😛

2. You know how inexpressive I am. I’ve never really told you how much I adore you, directly. (One of the many demerits of being socially-introverted. Sorry!)

I’m feeling a bit apprehensive about this post right now.. How would you react?.. blah blah.. Ummm, anyway, Pushing these thoughts aside, lets move ahead…

So, where was I? Yeah, SIX years!!!! 🙂  I’m not being boastful (Or may be I am 😛 ) But I really reckon Ours is an awesome friendship! 😉 A little different from others, in some way or the other. We’ve had a very few fights.. (thanks a ton! 🙂 ) Kudos to us! 😀 *Touch-Wood*.  Regardless of the fact, how much we talk with each other over the phone or how many times we call each other; we somehow always remain ‘close’ to each other (Atleast that’s how I feel.). I feel very very comfortable with you. And let me tell you , its very rare! 😮  I can totally be ‘Me’ in front of you. Congratulations girl! haha. 😛  We are very similar yet different from each other.. Oxymoronic but true!  You are someone who can easily understand me. Well, most of the times. 😉 I want to thank you for Not having many big expectations from me. In return, I want you to know that even I don’t have unnecessary expectations from you. (So, if you ever forget to wish me on my birthday, I wouldn’t feel bad 🙂 ) I seriously despise people who expect a lot from me. I like you, because you aren’t one of them. ^_^

I’d like to take the opportunity today to Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for Being there for me always. For making me believe that I can always trust you and totally count on you! 🙂  I can assure you that I’ll be by your side whenever you need me. Promise 🙂 . Thank you for tolerating a total weirdo like me. You’ve always made me feel good about myself. 🙂

I don’t care if you give more preference to someone else over me. I’ve never really cared much about it , because what matters is, that I consider you my bestie, and it doesn’t matter if you consider me yours or not. Hey, I’m not saying that I’m not possessive about you at all! I’m just not possessive in a paranoid kinda way :P.  We’ve had difference of opinions a hell lot of times and there ARE things I don’t really like about you. But, I’d like you to know that – I completely accept you exactly the way you are! You are one of a kind. You are an unparalleled, unique creature my friend! 😉 PLEASE, stay like this forever!

On a lighter note, you would feel happy to know that my family members really like you! (which actually is pretty unusual 😉 ) hehe.

NOTE: This post is totally and entirely dedicated to you. And it is supposed to make you feel ‘Good’ (Is it working?? 😛 ). Hence, I’m not going to write about anyone/anything else here. 🙂

Damn! I’ve been blabbering on & on. 😛 Don’t want to kill you with boredom. So, let me just sum up everything now..

I wish you all the happiness in the world. You are a wonderful person with a lovely heart. You are more of a Soul-Sister to me than a friend. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!!!! May the Almighty shower his choicest of blessings upon you and I hope you get whatever you’ve ever desired for. I hope you make your parents extremely proud of you one day. With loads and loads of good wishes and magnanimous amount of Love! ❤ ❤

P.S. I feel lucky to have you in my life.  XOXOXOX

{Want to write SO much more. But for your sake, will stop here :P}

 [Special request: Please don’t discuss about this post with me over the phone. I’ll drown in shyness! 😛 Please! 😉 ]

CHEERS to the time we’ve spent together; To the laughter, to the endless talks; To all the cherishable memories! 😀 ❤ ❤



Yes. Iam in love with a Celeb!


How many of you are hopelessly in love with a celebrity?
Well, I am. I don’t feel any embarrassment in accepting the fact That I’m unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Him.Ian Somerhalder- My love :'))
Thanks to ‘The Vampire Diaries’ , for introducing Damon Salvator (Ian Somerhalder) in my life. The minute I finished watching the last episode of its first season, I knew I was passionately in love with him!
I adore and admire him not just because he’s extreeeeeeemly good looking; perfect amalgamation of hotness and cuteness;  with the prettiest pair of eyes.. Etc (I could go on and on 😉 ) But also because he’s a terrific actor. My agape and adoration for him is huge! ❤ . I stop blinking whenever I see him on screen or even when I look at his pictures!! Sigh, I can go gaga all day about his fantastic expressions; his unusually awesome smile; the unique thing he does with his eyes… The way he plays the role of Damon, no one else could! It's as if that character was written while keeping Ian in mind. 🙂
Iam sure a million other girls must have fallen for him after watching The Vampire Diaries. But my situation is different. Iam a total nut-case! 😛 And I also truly love Nina and Ian as a couple. They are perfect for each other. Nina Dobrev is a Lucky girl! 😉
I even follow Ian on Twitter; I have hundreds of his pictures in my phone..and as a matter of fact, I've had numerous dreams about him too! ( Iam not talking about Fantasizing!! Mind you.) . I look upto him with awe and respect 🙂 .
After all this, I might seem like a crack-head crazy girl.. But you know what? I don't care!! 😉 I'm not afraid to accept my feelings for this celeb ^_^
I wish I could let him know.. That he holds a very special place in my heart, and will ALWAYS do! ❤ 🙂
You take my Breath away! Xoxoxo

Ageing – Why is it so difficult?



Why is it SO difficult? I don’t want to grow up! Ever! I hate it so much..
We were so much better as children. So much happier, carefree,  and high spirited. Never imagined the life that was lying ahead would be so tough.
Life was so much easier before; never had to worry about the future, never had to be apprehensive about anything! The world used to seem like a vibrant, joyful little place.
I always used to wonder how being all grown-up felt like, but I never actually WANTED to grow older. I remember how my friends used to get extremely excited and ecstatic on their 18th birthdays. On the contrary, My 18th birthday was entirely different. I wasn’t even one percent ‘excited’ about it. I was feeling almost Depressed that day; so much that I didn’t want anybody to wish me too! The succeeding birthdays followed the same pattern. Birthdays weren’t ‘happy’ anymore.
Ageing is such a sad part of life! I worry so much when I’m just 21.. I wonder how will I react when I turn 30!! Even the thought of it gives me stress!

It’s true, that  no one and nothing can get you your childhood back. But it’s also true that no one can snatch away your wonderful childhood memories fron you! 
Just by recalling some of those amazing memories, you can get a huge smile on your face.
Those days of fun and frolic, of no worries & no complaints,  no tensions, no jealousy, no enmity.. Days of bedtime stories, spending the entire day playing with friends, actually looking forward to going to school!
Life was so much easier and so much better!  :’) 🙂
The lovely memories of past,  of those good old days will always remain safe in the core of my heart. And I’ll cherish them till my last breath.
Childhood is undoubtedly the B.E.S.T time of our life! 😀

How could you change so much?


How is one supposed to feel when they realise that they are losing their closest friend? To watch her transform day by day..
What can you really do when you see her going in the wrong direction? How can you stop her from taking that path? …
One can do nothing but agonize in helplessness. When you see that cute ,chirpy little happy go lucky kind of a girl, with a pure heart, turn into an indiscisive,  superficial, materialistic, heartless b****. Who has no value of the feelings and sentiments of others. Who has forgotten the difference between right and wrong. Who takes everbody for granted, especially the ones who actually care for her!
How you wish you could get her back on track! When you can’t really help but think that some diabolical evil thing has possessed her!

I feel so helpless! So disappointed! Can’t believe I called her my best friend once!
I guess, life has taught me something. That sometimes, People change, even the ones nearest to your heart. Its a stark reality and you can either whine about it or accept it!

Small.Is.More.Important. [A little secret about Happiness]


Isn’t it so pleasantly wonderful how the tiniest thing can make you happy..?
As years have passed the most amusing thing I’ve learnt is,  that it is not the larger than life kind of things which give happiness, rather its the small little things which make us blissful. Life is an excellent teacher, and from observations and own experiences I’ve realised that all those Big , over-the-top & grand things or events can provide you with transient and ephemeral joy only. These delightful moments are nothing but temporary. What actually helps us to maintain the much required (optimum) level of positivity or optimism, contentment and bliss is the occurrence of teenie-meenie happenings in our everyday lives. Believe it or not, sooner or later you will realise the value of those minute things.              The feeling of Contentment is more important than feeling ‘happy’ all the time! . For a healthy, fulfilling life, feeling Content is vital. Its ‘Survival of the most Content’ than ‘Survival of the fittest’ these days. Individuals who are content in their lives, are nothing but self-actualised people. Who have no regrets, no complaints about anything; who live in the here-and-now rather than the lingering in the past or pondering endlessly about the future; they are free of any psychological disorders, have a high EQ (emotional quotient) ,are self-efficacious; have high self esteem , and so on and so forth. If You don’t find your life fulfilling enough, you are not even close to Self-Actualisation.

Life is often compared to a book, each chapter representing one particular phase of our life; but there is one Major difference between my life and my book; I cannot turn back the pages of my life before its due time. Life has to be lived in the present. ~J.P Vaswani

A big part of attaining maturity is to start valuing the small things in life. To start paying attention to all those microscopic events and situations. Soon, you will realise how amusingly important these things are!
       The slighest smile from a particular person can make your day, a casual piece of compliment can make you feel on top of the world, a little expression of care can fulfil the need for Affiliation and belongingness that all human beings have.
So, pals, amigos, folks.., the next time you go out there, dont forget to notice such petite,  minor, little things 🙂
Keep smiling and keep returning smiles too 🙂

How can I forget you , when Everything reminds me of you?



I’ve tried my best to forget you,  But its been ages now and still the task seems impossible, as each and every thing that could possibly exist around me, reminds me of you! My phone reminds of the endless chats we used to have and how difficult it was to say goodbye and we were never able to get enough of each other. Each and every movie or song makes me remember you.

I’ve done whatever I could, to get you out of my memory system. I’ve made use of all of my energy to stop thinking about you all the time. I haven’t been successful. I guess its time I give up already. Because trying so hard to forget you makes me think of you even More! It has been 5 months since we last spoke to each other, and the truth is, I still haven’t been able to get over you.
How am I expected to move-on in life when i’m still hungover you!?! There has not been a single day since 5th December 2009 (the date I can never forget) ,  when I didn’t think about you. So now after trying and trying so damn hard, I give up! I just can’t do it anymore.  Although I’ve never been much of a believer of destiny, but now I have decided to stop all my vain efforts and leave evrything in the hands of my destiny!!!! :'[