Small.Is.More.Important. [A little secret about Happiness]


Isn’t it so pleasantly wonderful how the tiniest thing can make you happy..?
As years have passed the most amusing thing I’ve learnt is,  that it is not the larger than life kind of things which give happiness, rather its the small little things which make us blissful. Life is an excellent teacher, and from observations and own experiences I’ve realised that all those Big , over-the-top & grand things or events can provide you with transient and ephemeral joy only. These delightful moments are nothing but temporary. What actually helps us to maintain the much required (optimum) level of positivity or optimism, contentment and bliss is the occurrence of teenie-meenie happenings in our everyday lives. Believe it or not, sooner or later you will realise the value of those minute things.              The feeling of Contentment is more important than feeling ‘happy’ all the time! . For a healthy, fulfilling life, feeling Content is vital. Its ‘Survival of the most Content’ than ‘Survival of the fittest’ these days. Individuals who are content in their lives, are nothing but self-actualised people. Who have no regrets, no complaints about anything; who live in the here-and-now rather than the lingering in the past or pondering endlessly about the future; they are free of any psychological disorders, have a high EQ (emotional quotient) ,are self-efficacious; have high self esteem , and so on and so forth. If You don’t find your life fulfilling enough, you are not even close to Self-Actualisation.

Life is often compared to a book, each chapter representing one particular phase of our life; but there is one Major difference between my life and my book; I cannot turn back the pages of my life before its due time. Life has to be lived in the present. ~J.P Vaswani

A big part of attaining maturity is to start valuing the small things in life. To start paying attention to all those microscopic events and situations. Soon, you will realise how amusingly important these things are!
       The slighest smile from a particular person can make your day, a casual piece of compliment can make you feel on top of the world, a little expression of care can fulfil the need for Affiliation and belongingness that all human beings have.
So, pals, amigos, folks.., the next time you go out there, dont forget to notice such petite,  minor, little things 🙂
Keep smiling and keep returning smiles too 🙂


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