Ageing – Why is it so difficult?



Why is it SO difficult? I don’t want to grow up! Ever! I hate it so much..
We were so much better as children. So much happier, carefree,  and high spirited. Never imagined the life that was lying ahead would be so tough.
Life was so much easier before; never had to worry about the future, never had to be apprehensive about anything! The world used to seem like a vibrant, joyful little place.
I always used to wonder how being all grown-up felt like, but I never actually WANTED to grow older. I remember how my friends used to get extremely excited and ecstatic on their 18th birthdays. On the contrary, My 18th birthday was entirely different. I wasn’t even one percent ‘excited’ about it. I was feeling almost Depressed that day; so much that I didn’t want anybody to wish me too! The succeeding birthdays followed the same pattern. Birthdays weren’t ‘happy’ anymore.
Ageing is such a sad part of life! I worry so much when I’m just 21.. I wonder how will I react when I turn 30!! Even the thought of it gives me stress!

It’s true, that  no one and nothing can get you your childhood back. But it’s also true that no one can snatch away your wonderful childhood memories fron you! 
Just by recalling some of those amazing memories, you can get a huge smile on your face.
Those days of fun and frolic, of no worries & no complaints,  no tensions, no jealousy, no enmity.. Days of bedtime stories, spending the entire day playing with friends, actually looking forward to going to school!
Life was so much easier and so much better!  :’) 🙂
The lovely memories of past,  of those good old days will always remain safe in the core of my heart. And I’ll cherish them till my last breath.
Childhood is undoubtedly the B.E.S.T time of our life! 😀


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  1. I don’t know…being a kid was tougher on me than being an adult. I had to do schoolwork every day and eat brussell sprouts and liver. Now that I am an adult, I never cook anything I don’t like to eat. And I don’t have to do anymore homework!

  2. I too have to disagree. Take it from an oldie (31)…hehe! The older you get, the more settled you get…the better life gets. College was the most difficult for me. Full time student working 40hrs per week. I wouldn’t go back if someone paid me. Hopefully this is encouraging to you. Hang in there. It gets better!

  3. Well, I had a difficult childhood and my life got worse when I became an adult… But I must admit I miss that naivety and childlike innocence. The concerns were ‘silly’!

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