Post- holiday Conditions.


Holidays are the best part of life. We all love holidays and can never get enough of them! Can we?

Holidays tend to hold some extra value when your college is miles away from home and you live in a hostel with people you are not particularly very fond of. And for a total family person like me, holidays are awaited throughout the year šŸ™‚

These vacations were more special because I got to be at my home sweet home for about 47 days! (Woah!! šŸ˜® ) And had a terrific experience doing an internship in the Vodafone Human Resources department. Parting from home as well as family members was a little more difficult this time. šŸ˜¦

Anyhow.. I reached New Delhi with a heavy heart.. ( FYI: It is considered the ‘ Rape Capital’ of India :/ )
Being in this city, in my dull college and hostel is never a ‘good’ enough experience for me. I feel a lack of zeal.. Lack of will.. Lack of any positive emotion! Every morning I literally have to drag my feet to go the college, which by the way is an All-Girls college :/ ( May be now you can better understand my plight). To top all this, we have the chilly, sunlight-less winters here. Argh!

Apart from my pale & wan college life, is my hostel life. Wherein all my hostel mates seem to be extremely impersonal and unbothered (if that’s a word!) . Ofcourse Iam also the reason for this lack of cohesiveness.. I never feel like getting attached to them. I feel no connection at all. Major demerits of being a little misanthropic. All this adds up to my on-going home sickness and feelings of loneliness all the more!!!

Anyway….. The Oh-So-Famous Delhi University fest season is around. Hope that helps to lift my spirits up! Waiting to get rid of these post holiday jitters & home-sickness as soon as possible..!!Ā  Wish me luck! šŸ™‚


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