When will it stop?


It is so difficult being a female! So damn difficult. Iam not saying Iam not proud of it, just saying that life for a female is not easy! I’ve become so sick of all this now!
I stay in a city which is considered my country’s rape capital. And the frequency of rapes, sexual harassment cases etc are just increasing like forest fire. I don’t feel safe here. I don’t feel safe in my own country; among my very own people! Never imagined I’ll have to confess about such a thing ever. But, cant really help it, it’s the truth..! :/  Iam going to say this without any hesitation that I don’t feel safe at all while walking on the streets at ANY time of the day. It’s disgusting the way all these shameless guys look at you, as they undress you with their piercing stares! There are perverts everywhere!!!!!!! Not just on the streets, in the market or any other public place; but in the family too! Makes me feel SICK…!!
Be it a cycle rickshaw puller.. A vagabond roaming around with his ‘gang’,  passing lewd comments on any form of female species! I’ve had enough! We all have had enough!! Will this ever stop??
Who gave these males the right to make us feel so uncomfortable? They are free to do anything openly, shamelessly.. From eve-teasing to peeing on roadsides to masturbating publically! Yes! Can you imagine! Me and my roommates saw this with our own eyes, while coming back from college at 12:30 pm (Bright day light), this totally shameless idiotic man was busy masturbating away to glory on the roadside!! We were even more horrified when he saw that we saw him & turned towards our direction and started jerking more vigorously! (‘Exhibitionism’ – DSM-IV TR) .We actually had to run like hell to avoid that sight…. Ewwwwwww!! >. Anyway.. My point is, will all this ever stop? Has any of us ever seen a female eve tease another strange guy? Or peeing in public places? Who gave the males in our society this motivation? This right? The patriarchal society???? Can anybody answer?

“Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men” – Joseph Conrad


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  1. I ask myself the same. Someone will always say that it’s part of the “male nature”. It is so irrational and stupid.

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