Reality Check.


We all have accounts on atleast two social networking sites. Don’t we? This is the age of social networking! These sites have become an inseparable part of our lives. And I bet 99.9% of the population can not imagine their life without these websites! Exaggeration… Is it?



The truth is, these sites, such as our favorite Facebook or Twitter or MySpace, have spoilt us too much.
This virtual social life of ours makes us feel important. More important and valued than the reality.. More like a delusion. Not just that, these sites make you less caring, personal, friendly & amiable in real life!
   The moment something special happenes to us or the second we see some funny picture or read something extraordinary, we ‘share’ it with our ‘friends’ on Facebook/Twitter etc. That’s our first instinct! To share our experience with others. We want to tell something to the world, we post a tweet and try to fit our feelings in 180 characters. We post a status update on Facebook to express whatever is going on in our mind. We upload photographs on these sites and wait for others to see them and ‘like’ them. We all know this for sure that eventually people will see and respond. And this sort of a sharing makes us feel important.
But our teeny-meeny,  shiny bubble is burst when we try doing the same in your real life. Sooner or later you realize that no one gives a damn. They’re are barely interested to hear about your thoughts, feelings & ideas. Like your beloved Facebook, they’re aren’t bothered to know ‘ what’s on your mind’. This is when you come face to face a huge reality check. And you realize that may be your virtual social network is far better than the real one.


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  1. I faced this reality almost a year ago and deleted all my social media account and started a blog instead… 🙂 That was a fake world…and yup I did feel inferior in front of my so called friends..there was nothing to show off.. and thus I started writing. And now it actually seems like a good decision. 🙂

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