Dr.Shepherd, Why aren’t you real?


I started watching Grey’s Anatomy recently, from season 5th.. I’d like to admit that I’ve become a total addict of this show. I watch it everyday without fail (on Star World, Mon-Fri). I get so deeply engrossed in all the medical cases they show and the doctors’ personal lives.. I love this show, totally!

And now a major, life-altering event has occurred in my life. My mother has been diagnosed with Brain tumor.
The devastating news shook me and all our family members. I kept questioning the almighty, Why do all bad things happen to her only? This is so unfair! Life is so damn unfair!! But then I also thanked God from the core of my heart when I got to know her’s is not a malignant tumor. Phew! Such a relief! She has something called ‘Meningioma’: a tumor which starts growing on the covering of the brain ( meninges). And the size of her tumor is 4X4X4 cm. Surgery is the ONLY treatment. And her surgery is scheduled somewhere in the next week. I’m glad I’ll be there with her all throughout the time as the surgery is going to happen in my city.
Although I have no doubts about this place and it’s experienced Neurosurgeons, as it is Indian Army’s best medical hospital. We are blessed with really good medical facilities and availability of subsidized medicines because of my father, who’s an officer in the Indian Armed Forces.

But still…… I SO wish Doctor Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy was real! !!!! 😩 I would have felt no tension at all if my mom’s brain was in his expert hands! In the show he’s been portrayed as the ‘Neuro God’, one of Best Neuro surgeons in the world..!


Dr.Shepherd, I wish you were REAL!

I feel so sad that he’s just a character and non-existent in real life! đŸ˜„


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