Horrifying loneliness.


Iam not a very sociable person. Rather I’m slightly socially introverted (not making it up. MMPI-2 results = proof). And like many of you, I enjoy ‘alone time’ too.Sometimes. But usually, at most times, I don’t like being alone. I just have to have people around. Not because I need them for talking but just for sake of feeling their presence.
Today is thirteenth February, and Iam all alone as both my roommates have abandoned me one day before the over-hyped Valentine’s day. Ok. Not exactly.. They’ve gone home because of important domestic reasons. So, basically Iam all alone right now. And it is kind of freaking me out. I can only hear NOTHING.. Everything is still.. As if whatever happening in the world has stopped happening all of a sudden. As if no other human being exists in this world except me! I have to survive through this scary loneliness for 3 more days!! :-{  Thankfully I’m blessed with the benign company of my cellphone. My phone makes being alone less horrifying 🙂


Room Alone

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