Iam my Valentine.


I’ve always felt Valentine’s days is just an over-hyped, fake, wannabe kind of a day. It should be celebrated as a day for loving oneself  ( take it in whichever sense you want, naughty minded people :P) rather than another person (or persons). Many people abhor the oh-so-awaited V-day because they are single & don’t have anybody else to celebrate it with. Well, I’m just like them 🙂 . Though I’m not at all gloomy about my singlehood! Mind you.
Recently I’ve realized a lot of things about myself. One of the many self confessed revelations was, that I’m a little misanthropic. Yes, I admit it. I dislike most people. Okay, almost all of them. It’s an extremely difficult task for me to ignore other people’s negative traits. (Example: ABC is a nice girl. She makes disgusting sounds while chewing food. I don’t like her!! :/ ) or (XYZ is a nice girl, but she’s always praising me.. Too sweet for me.. Naah. I don’t like her) . Hope Iam not coming across as a neurotic nut-case here 😛 I can’t help it! I like a very very very few people (such as, my favourite family members, my bestestest friends etc). Biggest confession time: The only person who I really “like” (read LOVE) in this whole wide world is …. None other than …ME!!!! 😉 Phew! I said that out aloud atlast!
Anyway.. While millions of people indulge in the conventional V-day customs.. I decided to dedicate this day to myself. No other human being, but me, myself. 🙂


Sweeet V-day treat. Yum!

Bought my all time favourite chocolate bar, multi-colored pens (which has my favourite Hrithik Roshan on the cover :P), a bottle of my favourite cola drink, treated my skin nicely with a soothing facepack, listened to some romantic music,  also bought myself heart shaped balloons.. Did a lot of other stuff; not going to mention everything here. *winks* .


Thought of studying Developmental psychology. Yeah. Just 'thought'. 😛


Who doesn't like multi-colored pens??

The point is, I adore myself. I really do! No kidding. I don’t love and respect anyone else more than myself. (Don’t give me that look. I’m not a freak!!!!!!). Iam my favourite person. I accept myself as Iam, with all the faults and deficiencies. I can’t help but smile whenever I look at myself in the mirror! When I look around and observe other people , I always feel good about myself (And a little proud of myself too). I feel so much more wise, calm, composed, honest, REAL, mature, compassionate, focused, well-mannered…. I could never stop!!!! Don’t confuse me with someone who is totally self-obsessed, a narcissist or egomaniacal. It’s just pure admiration and adoration for oneself. Nothing more.
And I’m sure nobody else would ever be able to love me more. And the most important thing, I would never leave me. Never.  ^_^


Iam unconditionally, passionately and irrevocably in love with myself. :*

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