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NO NOstalgia.


Is there something wrong with me? I have started having some serious doubts about the same.

Our college (undergrads) days are about to end, there’s hardly a month left, and I feel NO amount of nostalgia! I feel nothing!! Zero! Infact, somewhere in my mind I’m glad this all is coming to an end! This is what happens when you do not like your college/classmates and do not enjoy your college life even one bit. ( Especially when you’re studying in an all-girls college :/ )>. I see my class fellows getting all excited and zealous about the so-called farewell party which is scheduled to happen pretty soon. And what’s going in my mind? Nothing! Infact, I have absolutely no interest in attending the silly thing! I just want to give the final exams well and get rid of all this!

People keep telling me, “you’re hating it now, but later in life you’ll miss these college days like crazy.. These are the best days of your life…, blah and blah” .. Sigh.
. If these are the ‘best’ days, I wonder what will be worse? Gosh!!! Iam sure I’ll never miss my undergrads days.

I wonder a lot of times, am I the only one? Are there others who feel the same way I do?

P.S- Sorry for such a negative post. Can’t really help it!


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Can’t thank enough!


LOVE diversity!!

When I started writing this blog, I never imagined people would actually pay any attention to it. Started this blog because I was in desperate need for some catharsis. I told myself, “Iam doing this for myself! Doesn’t matter who reads it or how many read it.” But today when I opened my android WordPress phone app to check the site statistics, I couldn’t help but feel extremely overwhelmed! Feels so awesome to know that people from various ( and totally unexpected) countries are “viewing” my baby blog! :’) :’) People are actually reading my blog!! wow! Yay! Yippiee!
Iam still in the process of learning about blogging & hopefully have a long way to go.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all you wonderful readers out there! 🙂 I can’t thank you enough! Today my heart is filled with immense gratitude! :”)

P.S- I know these aren’t too many views and you might have ten times more number of them. But I’m delighted (elated to the core) with my share of views for now. ^_^

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