A good night’s sleep is vital for one’s wellbeing. Who doesn’t know that? They say 7 hours of sleep daily is good enough for healthy body and mind.
We all love sleeping! I don’t think there exists a single person on earth who hates sleeping! Obviously, I love sleeping too.        

    But, what if one sleeps more & stays awake less? That’s bad! Really really bad! Especially when you have your final year exams coming up and tons of work to do and bajillions of notes to study!! ):-o

Iam sleeping SO much either because of the changing weather.. You know the kind of weather that makes you drowsy all day long..( I hope such a phenomenon exists :P)  , or may be I’m suffering from a disorder! Some serious sleep disorder.. Something opposite of hypersomnia may be!
(^ except I have loads and loads of work to do)

Somebody please suggest me what to do! How to control sleep timings? 😦
Hmm. I feel sleepy already! Sp jgjjfgk huk!)_tttjvdn 🙂 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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