No more Chick Flicks for me please!


Iam not ashamed to admit that I love those silly rom-coms and fairytale-ish chick flicks like 99.9% of girls around the world. Yep, I said it! No embarrassment. No regrets.

Nevertheless, I think i should just stop watching such movies from now. I’ve realized that they’re extremely harmful to my wellbeing.
Well, Majorly because the more Chick-Flicks you watch, the more you engage in day-dreaming! Watching chick-flicks has an directly proportional relationship with one’s day-dreaming levels. Who all agree?


I daydream a lot. Like, seriously, A LOT.


Everything is always so perfect in these movies… They always have “happy endings” without fail. It is so untrue in reality!!
The film’s leading lady never fails to find her ‘true love’,  ‘magic man’, or ‘ the man of her dreams’. And they live happily ever after! Portrayal of such an ideal and dreamy scenario only makes one more sad about one’s life.
I should be banned from watching any more of such movies. I end up weeping like a baby in each one of them. And watching them makes me feel, how stupid, uninteresting, love-less, Boring my life is! :/
So, I watched ‘Beauty and the Briefcase’ today (for the 3rd time probably), starring Hillary Duff and some not-so-famous guy. The movie has no exceptionally good element in it, and story is nothing new. But, I liked it 🙂 . I used to watch ‘ Lizzie McGuire when I was small, and since those times, I simply adore Hillary Duff! 🙂
There are a few things that each and every girl wants! Iam no exception. These cunning chick flick makers know about those things very very well, as obviously we 'chicks' are their TARGET audience! These movies never ever fail to entertain me! I mean, come on Which girl has not seen The Notebook? Or Eat Pray Love? Or Confessions of a Shopaholic? Or P.S.I Love You Or Crazy,Stupid,Love? Or He's Just Not That Into You ? Or Pretty Woman? Or My best Friend’s Wedding? Or The runaway Bride? Or Friends with Benefits? or The Holiday?  Or 50 First Dates? Or How to lose a guy in ten Days?Or Another Cinderella Story? Or The Ugly Truth? ? Phewwww! I could go on and on!!!!!!!
Anyway.. Coming back to the topic. I think I should stop watching these cute chick flicks as watching such films makes me realize what is missing from my life. The one thing I actually yearn for! The longing only increases manifold when I watch these movies. 😦




P.S. If you know of more superbly romantic chick flicks, Please let me know. 😛

Sayonara ladies! Keep Calm and Keep watching chick-flicks.

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  1. Except Eat, pray, love (i’ve read the book instead) I’ve watched all those movies..I used to google the term Best chick flicks and watch them online…and now that my English movie stocks are over, I’ve hopped on to Korean moies, they have the best rom-coms..from 10 days I am watching 3 Korean movies a day, and seriously I am now kinda sick of it….

      • Well, there are many, hmm..lemme think…My sassy girl (There’s an english version too), A millionaire’s first love, Too beautiful to lie, Classic, Jeni juno, A moment to remember, Seducing Mr. Perfect, Wedding dress, speedy scandal…cyborg girl… and many more..hehe..I’ve watched them all in the last one week or so..
        Warning: If you are someone who cries while watching movie, be ready to shed some tears..Korean movies are very sensitive..

      • Haahaa.. Yup I do weep a lot while watching movies! I’ve even cried while watching a comedy serial like How I Met Your Mother! 😉 😛
        Thanks for the suggestions!

      • I don’t watch serials so no clue about it…well I was someone who never used to cry watching movies, but korean movies, they are over emotional..I can’t help but shed some tears.. 🙂
        My watch them if you love rom coms.. 🙂

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