Piling ’em up.


Who doesn’t have secrets? Even the most cardinally extroverted person has some secret secrets hidden deep inside.
I too have them. Lots of them. ( Duh..Obviously! :P) So as I was watching Grey’s Anatomy today [ Don’t know which episode. They’re showing it right from Season 1 on Star World, 7pm (IST)]. The episode’s theme was related to Secrets and something about how good it feels when we finally let them out. It made me realize something; about my own bundle of secrets. I know keeping a lot of secrets is not good for psychological health. I mean, come on, Iam a final year Psychology Honors student! Hence, I know the repercussions of keeping stuff hidden inside for a long time. If You keep piling stuff inside for too long, it’ll eventually surface up in ways and at times you didn’t expect. It can also lead to sudden emotional outbreaks, trust me, you Do Not want that! Our subconscious is a complex tricky fellow. And the things (secrets) we hide somehow find a way to project themselves. Therefore, it is good to vent-out your feelings. Everyone should have atleast one such person with whom they can share (Almost) all their deepest darkest secrets. If you don’t have a close/reliable/trustworthy pal, give writing your ‘stuff’ in a personal diary a shot instead. It actually helps!! Writing a blog anonymously is not a bad idea too šŸ˜›
…………. Coming back to me.., Sometimes I feel too tired and suffocated with all the secrets, and things which cannot be told to others. Holding on to them is like a full-time job. Apart from some morbid and grave secrets, there are others which are actually kind of lame. For instance, being friendly and cordial with people you totally abhor to the core so as to maintain harmonious co-existence. You have to exhibit as if nothing’s wrong and nothing’s bothering you even when you can’t even stand that person(s) for too long. And it is necessary to fake this sort of nice-ness because you don’t want to disrupt the equilibrium of your environment. Tolerating all the nuisance is the only option!

Sigh. šŸ˜¦

It can become unbearably frustrating at times; so frustrating that one ends up writing a blog post about it šŸ˜›

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