Testing Times.


I know these are my difficult days. I know God is testing me. And whatever happenes, I won’t lose my patience. In these past couple of days i’ve realized how patient Iam. Just suffering everything silently, like a sponge. Iam impressed by myself!

You want to test my limits? Go on! I will surprise you for sure! I have decided not to break down! Not to give up. People like you do not deserve my friendship. You do not even deserve my hatred! I’ve decided to keep calm and trust karma. Karma will take care of you. I just have to keep calm. *Deep breathes* . I won’t let you mess with my inner peace. I wont lose my cool because of you disgusting hypocrites! And A million thanks to god, I just have to bear with all this non-sense for a month! Then I won’t have to have any effing connection with people like you!
I know God,  these are my testing times. But I promise I won’t give in!!

P.S : Sorry for such a negative post. Iam having a hard time and am surrounded with compassion-less stupid crappy people!!

Aah feeling so good after writing about this! Pheww!

Thank You WordPress.

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