From losing a piece of mind to attaining total peace of mind…

There’s actually no place like HOME.

Peace. Tranquility. Elation. Courtesy- Home!!!

Peace. Tranquility. Elation. Courtesy- Home!!!

I’m finally at home. (For non-Indians, by ‘home’ I mean my parent’s home 😉 ). In my post ‘Testing Times’ [ ], I had expressed my discomfort and sheer agony of tolerating hostel and it’s everyday issues. But now I’m miles away from all that intrusive non-sense. I’m at my ‘happy place’; the place I can be totally comfortable; the place I can be myself! I am totally loving this state of tranquility..
Also, all the pampering 😀 and the lovely food, and all the luxuries 🙂

By the way, The main reason for coming home was to prepare for my final examinations, which is appearing to be a very difficult task! I watch the television more than reading my course books 😛 I just hope I manage to score well in my exams! (Need good luck wishes from as many people as possible!!)

Anyway… My mother is reading my old classmate’s blog right now with full admiration and awe, and she has absolutely no idea her daughter (me) writes a blog too! This situation calls for a ‘LOL’ expression! 😛

Keeping my fingers crossed for the final exams.. Wish me luck!

P.S: I have switched on the air conditioner. Time for my beloved afternoon nap…
Goodbye fellow earthians, this is catharsishungry07 dozing off…………. Oops! I meant, Signing off.

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