A Little Extra


They say, one should be happy with whatever one has. My question is : Why?
Why should we be satisfied with our present situation? What’s wrong in wishing for a ‘little extra’? If wanting MORE of something keeps us motivated , then why should we settle for what we have presently? I always feel, one must never stop trying. One must never STOP dreaming. One must never stop wishing for MORE..! Why would you achieve something big if you never wish for it? Like, Why would you win a lottery if you never wish for something like it?

We only get one life. And as it is said, “Life is short”. So why give in and be satisfied with our present possessions or conditions? Wish, Want, Dream and As k for – as much as you want, whatever you want!! Keep yourself desiring for MORE, always; because ‘wanting more’ drives us to reach heights. Be thankful for whatever you have, of course! But keep wishing too!
Trust the power of positive thinking. Trust the power of your dreams. Trust yourself. Don’t be shy & dream-on! 🙂

If you can wish for it, you can achieve it!

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  1. Hmmm, I’ve been thinking the same way. It’s an interesting point you make… But have you considered different scenarios? It seems to me there could be some nuance to this matter.

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