Examination trouble.


How in the world are you supposed to concentrate on your books when a million things are going on around you and a trillion things are going on in your mind?

I’ve said this too many times, but I never get tired of saying how much I hate exams. They are the worst days ever! If there is a student who DOESN’T hate examination time to the core, I’ll personally give her/him an award..!

And also, how the bloody hell are you supposed to perform well in exams when you are expected to write a bajillion words in three hours, non-stop, and on top of all that, in 48 degree Celsius temperature!!!!!! >_< Plus imagine how difficult it is to focus on writing the paper with an obnoxious, sexually frustrated invigilating teacher shouting about something or the other every 5 minutes!! If that wasn't enough torture, the electricity of your stupid college keeps going off again and again and again during the crucial time! Imagine writing an exam with sweaty hands and body, without any lights or fans!

This is pure TORTURE!!!
Why can’t we have air-conditioned classrooms?? Aarrggh…..
All this makes me angry. Very,very angry! So angry, I could turn into a mini version of the HULK any moment now.


Hope to sail through these frustrating times without losing it.

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