Pride and Glee filled heart.


Woke up to an awesome surprise today. Feeling immensely proud and am overwhelmed with ecstasy!!
My three years younger brother got his 12th grade Board examination result today. To everyone’s surprise,  he has scored 95.75%…!!!!!  *_*  Still can not believe how he managed to get such cool amazinggg percentage! 😀 Aaaaand… Wait for it, he is the school topper too! :0
The funniest part is, our father challenged him to cross my 12th boards score , which was a mere 87.75%. 😛
Now, to make my point clear, let me tell you a little bit about him.
He’s one of a kind. Actually! So much more mature and grounded than his fellow age-mates. A great friend.. All his close friends consider him their Friend, Philosopher and guide. He is strong-headed, and has a rigid value system (like me ^_^). He is helpful and kind at heart… Respects elders and becomes a child in the company of children. At one point of time, I used to tease him by calling him ‘Baby- sitter’. Haha 😛
But the fact is, he is just too good with tiny kids! He handles them so well… His future kids are Lucky! Haha 😛

He’s a voracious reader, has an astounding amount of hold on General Knowledge, is a brilliant photographer, and is an athlete: a true sportsman!!! ^_^

But… (Yup, there’s IS a ‘but’ here).. He is a phone addict!! He can talk to his friends (especially female friends :P) for hours at a time, nonstop!! He continued this oh-so-irritating-to-family-members habit during his exam times too; which used to make our mother extremely angry and tensed as she thought he was wasting his Time, not studying, and that he would flunk in the exams ;P….. On top of that, he has a Casanova-ish personality. Always surrounded by females. 😉 Always over-obsessed with his looks 😛 (Don’t worry dude, these acne and pimples are temporary).

Also, he changed his stream from PCM (physics, chemistry, Math) to Humanities (Economics, History,Political science) in 12th standard! We all were worried how he’d cope up. As He barely managed to pass all his subjects in 11th ( Sorry for spilling the beans Bro ;P).

However, at this point of time, I can comfortably say, we ALL underestimated him! (Sorry bro)
With his super awessssome result, he has zipped everyone’s lips! He has shown everybody how capable he is. And how much everyone underestimated his potentials. :’)
He prepared for his board exams all alone, under very stressful conditions. Our parents were in Delhi for mom’s brain tumor surgery. He managed everything on his own without complaining!

Now he has got admission into Christ University in Bangalore for BBA ( Bachelor of Business Administration). 😀 And I’m sure he’ll perform well there too.

On a personal note : I want him to know….. Yash you are a wonderful person and I’m proud to have a younger brother like you! A Mindblowingly calm and patient teacher. ( Was expecting you to teach me driving and permutations and combinations!! But you’re leaving for college so soooooon :/ )
Please stay like this forever. I hope you achieve whatever you desire and aim for. Don’t forget to dream BIG. Make our parents proud, and make yourself proud! Stay grounded and humble forever.
Wish you all the best for the future! Keep impressing others with your personality, like you always do. 😀

[ Vartika, since I’m going to make you read this too, let me tell now only that my next post is going to include something about you. Brace yourself babe 😉 ]

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