Waiting for an epiphany.


I believe we write to transform our suffering into words, trying to make something out of madness.

– Eve Ensler

Even after having posted so many blog-posts, I still can’t fathom why I was feeling so nervous about writing after a gap of 25-30 days. Today, because of a series of events which had a sort of domino effect on me, I gather my confidence to write again.

One word to describe how I have been feeling about life since I posted my last blog-post is- Weird. Yes. I’ve been feeling as if I have lost my grip on my life. I’m feeling slightly detached, I guess. Don’t know what is happening, why it is happening, and what will or will not happen ahead? Being continuously and extremely apprehensive about the future can be highly frustrating. Trust me!!!
Although, it’s not like I am apprehensive about my future. Rather, I am not even thinking about it at all..!!!! Which is super weird because this is THE time when I SHOULD be actually thinking about my future.

I have completed my graduation ( the results are yet to come, but I’m sure I’ll pass *fingers crossed* ). Now I and only I have to decide about my course of action. What to study? From where to study? How to go about it? Etcetera.
I have already wasted 23 days. I feel numb! Time is running out…. I wish there was someone to help me, guide me and encourage me!
My thoughts seem to have no direction at present. I am just procrastinating. Infact, I think I have crossed all heights of procrastination! I was already a lazy bum; and gave become ten times lazier now!
Oh dear almighty! A little help would be awesome! May be an epiphany is all that I require right now…..

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