Phonephobia. Is that a thing? Well, yes, it is!! Google it for proof.
Sad to admit that I have it..!
For all the (silly) people who thought and still think that I don’t give them enough importantance or I’m least interested in talking with them :- let me explain myself. I know many of you think I’m making lame excuses. But, I’m not! Get this straight- I hate talking over the phone . Period.
I don’t dislike you; I don’t find you boring ; and I am certainly not making lame excuses to avoid you. Trust me!!!

I have no issues with texting: I can text all day with you if you want. I have no issues with talking face-to-face too. What I totally abhor is Phone conversations!!! Ughghgh I hate them so damn much! :/ Iam not “abnormal” as I recently found that this is not very rare. (Thank God 😉 ).
So, why exactly do I dislike (and fear) talking with people on the phone?
1. I become extremely nervous and anxious. Don’t know why.
2. The fact that I can’t see the person’s facial expressions makes it too difficult to carry out a normal conversation.
3. I go blank. I keep searching for something to say..Most of the times all I manage to say is “hmmm” or “exactly”… Henceforth, people think I’m a reallllly good listener. 😉 :p
4. I feel uncomfortable.

Well, that’s my story. My friends are always complaining that I never call them.. They accuse me of being a stingy person. I wish I could make them understand. I just hate telephoning pals!

Do I share this disorder with anyone else? I would LOVE to kniw 🙂

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