Today I pray : WishList of July 2013


Though I don’t do this often, but today I simply felt like indulging into something like praying.
After way too many days of pointless pondering and procrastination, I finally took the decision and joined a coaching institute (Jamboree, Jaipur) for GRE. That is what my parents wanted me to do as well. So,  today was my first class. And it felt so good! It’s not like I’m taking coaching for GRE for the first time. Infact, I took a proper 4 month-long coaching for T.I.M.E ( very popular Indian institute) while I was in Delhi. However, I feel very disappointed to admit that it was almost a waste! I couldn’t manage studying GRE and college syllabus simultaneously. I merely attended the classes every week, and didn’t selfstudy ir revise or practice. Totally my fault! :-/   I feel bad for wasting my father’s money.

Nevertheless, today I start again. Finally… With my Ultimate goal of Achieving a mindblowingly rocking GRE score this year.
Thus, I want to pray today.

God , today I pray that you give me enough strength,perseverance and courage to do hardwork and prepare for GRE.

Today I pray to you , please make me remain  focused , driven and motivated to achieve my goals and make my parents proud. So that I chuck my bad habit of procrastination. So that I stop being ridiculously and shamelessly lazy.

I pray to you to make the unnecessary distractions go away from my path to success. I wish my surroundings to be trouble-free and distraction-less.

I pray to you to help in making me more confident, humble, amiable and have a sense of higher self-esteem.

I pray to you,  from the core of my heart to eliminate all the negativity from my life. I need to indulge in positive thinking more than ever in my life.

Today… I stand before you and pray,  so you help me dare to dream big!!

With you by my side, I hope to sail smoothly through this extremely crucial time. Please help me make my dreams come true!
   Have thy mercy on me.

Also, I would like this opportunity to Thank you for all that you’ve already given me! I feel blessed and Lucky. I’m filled with immense gratitude. Thank you! Forgive me for my wrong doings.

What is God?
He is nothing but my strongest Faith, my dearest friend, my hope, my guide, and my savior.

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