It’s official: I am a GRADUATE!


After an excruciatingly long wait, we,  University of Delhi students,  finally got to know about our results!  Today,  i.e, 22nd July 2013, D.U authorities finally decided to disclose our oh-so-anticipated results!
My classmates were going bonkers waiting for these results.. But frankly speaking, I had zero interest in knowing my denouement. So today when I got to know that finally our examination results have been declared on D.U’s website, my heartrate didn’t increase, I didn’t even feel one percent of anxiety and apprehension. That is SO unusual..! Too apathetic!
The reason why I wasn’t the least bit interested in someone else’s evaluation and assessment of my responses ( in other words exam “Result”) because I knew how much I would score. My percentage remained sort of constant in the first and sophomore year: 55-56%. I was so disheartened and discouraged after the second year that I chucked any hope. Thus, when I saw my final result today, I calmly and passively stared into my cellphone’s screen. After 5 long minutes I decided to interpret it. The website displayed ” 279 out of 1200- pass – II division” that’s about 56.58%. That means I scored EXACTLY how much I was expecting. Expecting, Not hoping though! After numerous complex sequences and ups and downs of three years, I could score a mere 56.58% aggregate! That’s 3.42% less than the minimum requirement for First division..! 😦 My mental state moved from apathy to disappointment.

Anyway, the state of disappointment moved to teeny-tiny bit of blissfulness when I calculated my percentage of the third(final) year exams only. And to my utter surprise, my percentage came out to be 62.28% ..!! That’s 2.28% more inside the bracket of the glorious FIRST division! 😀 This was totally unexpected! Although I never blame distractions and bad circumstances for my poor performances; I’m glad after going through ups and SO MANY downs,  I somehow managed to score good in the finals! 😀 This thin silver lining made my day!
The university’s topper secured 77% ..that means I scored just about 15 % less than the whole university’s topper!! Wow..that’s so cool..! Haha.
I’ve decided to bask in this little blissful glory till I realize that the final year exam’s score doesn’t matter. It’s the aggregate scores that matters actually.
Signing off as officially a GRADUATE today!


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