Good day!!


Many a times , you have a feeling or experience a psychological state that you just don’t want to let go. You want to embrace it and save it forever.
Well, that is what this post is about!
I had a really good day today, after ages!! 🙂 Though this day,  of August 2nd, is coming to an end, I am not yet ready to let go of what I’m experiencing; this delightful state of bliss and contentment…..

It is surprising how tiny little things can alter our moods.
(I had even written a post about the same long time back – “Small. Is.More.Important”.)

So I have my GRE coaching classes 4 days a week; of which two are for Verbal ability, and two for Quantitative ability. I won’t be boasting when I say that I totally ROCK in the verbal ability classes! I’m not exceptionally good, but am the best in my class! Our batch has 6 students; 5 are males AND Engineering Students!! I’m the only female and the one with no Math background. All of these nerdy engineers are excellent in Math( obviously) . And as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t even studied the ‘M’ of mathematics after tenth grade! (that’s like FIVE years!!).
I used to suck at math then, and I suck at math now too.
Although I really really want to learn all the concepts and tricks used in the GRE quant section questions so as to achieve a decent score, but I find math classes utterly dreadful. I sit in one corner like a scared chicken and with an excruciatingly huge amount of courage I ask about my doubts. As all my math-geniuses-classmates find my queries silly!
( it makes my blood boil when they giggle but I don’t react as Bill Gates said – ” Be nice to nerds, you could end up working for them.” ,I don’t express my rancor.).

Anyway…. Today was the first time I came home back from math class in a good mood..!! 🙂 We covered such a topic in which I answered more frequently and accurately than my engineer classmates!! 😀  Later when we started doing extremely difficult application based questions, the situation reversed.. But who cares! I could understand everything. I felt confident!
Also.. My classmates addressed me as the “Champion” in Verbal section. (Thank you.. Thank you..).
Apart from these events, not a single bad thing happened with me today.. Got to watch an amazing episode of my favorite serial Grey’s Anatomy..

You see, how just having a good day makes you forget about your deepest insecurities, worries and despodencies.. How having a simple, decent, trouble-free, good day can keep all the undesirable NEGATIVITIES at bay!

Cheers to Good Days!!

On that note, I wish you all a wonderful day today! Bonjour!

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