Dear Novels, I miss you!


“Books are talking, Are you listening?”

I love reading novels. As millions and billions of people do. Though I’m not a voracious reader; the type of readers who finish reading two novels in a single day, or the type of readers who like reading books so much that it is the ONLY thing they want to do all the time. I just love reading. And yes, if a novel is gripping enough, reading it is what I want to do all throughout the day! If the novel is interesting enough, I tend to involve myself a little too much with it, I get highly engrossed in it and many a times all my thoughts are focused around and about the novel I’m reading. Many bookworms would relate with me, or so I guess! (and hope!).

My love for reading emerged when I was in 8th grade. When children of my age were running away from books that had no pictorial descriptions and images! 😛
The passion burgeoned through 9th and 10th grade. I believe that reading developed as my hobby because of my father. Not only is he himself a voracious reader, he owns a huge and diverse collection of many amazing novels. His genes and his library made me fall in love with reading! 🙂
Soon I realized that I loved reading fiction more than anything! And soon it became difficult for me to fall asleep without reading a novel at bedtime.
I enjoy getting lost in the intricate details and plot of a novel. When I’m reading a good novel, lost deeply in it as it slowly hypnotises and mesmerises me, I forget about my gravest worries and problems! I think books have the amazing power to calm you. They have the amazing power to make you a better person.
The World seems like a better place while reading!


Coming to the point now. Since the day I enrolled myself into GRE coaching classes, I have had absolutely no time to indulge into reading! And I have to purposely control my urges to pick the novel I completed reading halfway. HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO LEAVE A HALF-READ NOVEL!! It is overwhelmingly difficult, trust me!
Whenever I look at the cover of my unfinished novel, I feel as if it’s pulling me towards itself ( like a powerful magnet perhaps). I then have to forcefully stop myself by diverting my mind. I keep reminding myself – “You’ll be able to read as many novels you want once you’re finished with GRE! Prioritise! Focus!! Focus!”

So I write this post today in memory of all the spectacular, awesome books and novels I’ve read. Thank you and I love you. 🙂  xoxo

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