I remember describing myself as an extroverted, chirpy person till a few years back. But I don’t think I can use these adjectives for myself anymore. It’s unfathomable how our personalities change within such a short span.
I never imagined that someone like me could become such an introvert.
I used to love being in the company of lots and lots of people. I used to love sharing my so-called-secrets with multiple people. It’s weird how in a matter of just a couple of years I have changed so drastically!
I can’t particularly pin-point the reasons because of which this introvertization process happened.


Yesterday, I was surrounded by 13-14 family members; still feeling ruefully lonely. There always is a persistent feeling that something’s missing… I wish I could figure out what’s missing! 
I feel like I’m loosing myself gradually… I am slowly turning into this morose, complicated person,  who others find hard to like.

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  1. I think it’s part of being an adult. Your self-awareness increases. You are more aware of communication infrastructure, repercussions of the words you use and actions. And all this causes you to be more reserved and introspective.

    The what’s missing you will figure out. Reading your post reminds me of place I was four years ago. ‘You have to be empty before you can be full.’

    • You are absolutely right I guess! Growing up has taken it’s toll on me a little negatively.
      As far as the ” missing” stuff is considered, I hope to figure it out soon or else I’ll go crazy.

  2. I agree with @mister0b0t0 as well. Very good point!
    Plus I think there’s a possibility that you may be a mix between introvert and extrovert. There is such a thing. Like you may be a Melancholy Sanguine or a Phelgmatic Sanguine. I don’t know if you have any idea what I’m talking about. I talk about it on my website But you may just have some extrovert points about you but more of an introvert. Who knows? But that’s the fun of discovering more about yourself and you grow and mature =)

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