It is not very difficult to imagine what a short,  petite person goes through in a world where people are obsessed with outer appearances. Where people make instant judgements based on another person’s physical appearance.
No one really believes in the good old adage about the value of inner beauty. In our materialistic and superficial world, the notion well accepted and believed is – Beauty is skin-deep. Short people are usually looked down upon ( Literally and Figuratively).

Now think about the psychological state of a person who is of below average height. With the passage of time this person is involuntarily forced to believe that there is something inadequate about him/her. Automatically and unavoidably, this person develops an inferiority complex; feeling constantly and painfully conscious about his/her length. And obviously, this person becomes nervous amongst very tall people. With time the inferiority complex gets more and more complex. The person feels overwhelmingly timid, tiny… The person yearns and pines for nothing but an increase of 3-4 inches in his/her height. But nothing can be done as the person’s course of physical growth and development is over. The person hopes for some kind of a miracle..

The poor inadequate person consequently also develops self-esteem and confidence issues. Constant remarks by others exacerbate the problem manifold. Whenever he/she meets someone for the first time, they ask in which standard he/she is? Suppressing the anger and disappointment the person replies that he/she is not in school, but has completed graduation. The person is more irritated as the people respond with utter shock and say ” You don’t look like a graduate!!”.
One might think that after facing the same situation a million times, any person would become accustomed to it, almost numb to such reactions. The truth is,  he/she is far from being numb! Those remarks still pierce painfully through his/her sense of self-worth.

People do not realize the  plight of such a person. They don’t realize what this person goes through each and everyday.
Some people try to help and ameliorate the pain by saying stuff like ” all good things come in small packages” or ” It’s good that you look much younger than you actually are! Be happy” etcetera. But we all know all this is crap. No one actually believes in this kind if stuff.
There is no way to extenuate the person’s plight, inferiority complex, shyness, apprehension before meeting new people.. The person has no option but to accept the fact that he/she has to live with his/her shortness, inadequacy for the rest of his/her life.

P.S- Is this post about someone in particular? Or am I empathizing with short people in general? Or is it about me?
Well, you decide 🙂

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  1. I relate with what you wrote. I’m short and it is awful the jokes and some situations.

    “The person has no option but to accept the fact that he/she has to live with his/her shortness, inadequacy for the rest of his/her life.” > Exactly, but it’s so degrading live in the diminutive. u_u

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