They keep saying- ” Be positive!” , ” Always think positively” and blah blah. But I have realized it’s something easier said than done.

They don’t realize how difficult it is to be positive. And even morr difficult to STAY positive. It requires a lot of effort! No matter how hard you try, it seems almost impossible to keep the unwanted, parasitical negativities away.

Even if you are an perennial optimist, even if your strong enough to manage and regulate your thoughts,  and never think pessimistically; what can you do when the cause (and source) of negativity is not under your control?? What can you possibly do when the reason is nothing but the people around you?
Of course, not all people are diabolical. Some just spread negative vibes unknowingly and unintentionally as well. They don’t realize what they’re saying could mess up someone’s morale and motivation levels.

How many of you have faced situations when your were pathetically discouraged by someone, who didn’t say that stuff purposely?

After a reeeeeeeeeally long period of time in my life I finally have an aim, a goal, a purpose. After a really long bout I have finally managed to find a direction in life. And I can’t afford to get demotivated now. It’s the matter of life and death ( almost! ). It’s about my career, my FUTURE! Only I am responsible for my future and I can’t let others to fill my brain with stupid negative thoughts! I am going to try as hard as possible to STAY positive.
To all the friends, relatives, obnoxious aunts, strangers etcetera who have intentionally or unintentionally made me loose confidence in myself, LIVE AND LET LIVE! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

( If someone has any tips on how to maintain optimism, you are most welcome!!).

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  1. I feel you on this one. I’ve learned to 1. Keep my prayer life up and ask God to help me to stay positive and keep my joy at all times. 2. Lessen how much social interaction I have with people who seem to always have something negative to say. 3. Remember the bigger picture. I may not like my job but at least it’s doing a good job of paying my bills so that I can live comfortably and not stressed out. It’s giving me experience that will be useful on my resume, and I’m progressively taking the necessary steps to get to the career that I want. When I REALLY started applying those 3 things, I saw a major increase in keeping a positive mindset!

  2. My advice to you is to be not an optimist but and optimist-realist. Research shows that just being an optimist doesn’t work as well when achieving goals as being an optimist who also realizes that to achieve his/her goals will bring some difficulties along. So, an optimist will say: “it will be a piece of cake to loose that weight/not to stress/stop being angry/get that PhD/etc. An optimist -realist states: ” I can do all that but I also realize that there will be obstacles and it won’t be easy. But I can do it.”

    Also, when I feel my optimism waning, I take a step back and listen to myself. Then I ask myself a question: why are you down/upset/slightly depressed? Usually your body and mind will give you a hint, like “you need rest, you need some alone time, you need a hot bath, get some exercise, sit in meditation for 20 minutes, write in your journal, call a good friend… Etc.

    I hope this helps. Let me know how you make out.

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