A Poem for me: Part II.


So I was (again) going through my old emails, (Yes I do that a lot…), and I came across yet another poem written by the same person who wrote the first one : http://wp.me/p2O7aw-4I .

WILD GEESE                                                                                                                      Dated: 3rd May’12

Fatigued I was,
’twas a long day’s work.
I looked out the window,
where my eyes still lurk.

Above I saw, wild geese flying,
to elevate higher, they were all trying.
Tiring it must be, to keep with the flow,
from amongst them geese I saw,
two fly very low.
Lower they came,
to my garden so rosy,
their beaks rubbed against each other,
it made them look cozy.
Drowned they seemed,
in their dear mate
like the world didn’t matter,
and neither should fate.

Their beaks caressed, kneaded in love,
like the eagle now feared, the peaceful white dove.
Her consort flapped his feathers,
displayed his panache
apprehensive still, the flamboyance shouldn’t backlash.

She gestured to him,
she did seem pleased,
could be difficult to charm her,
had he then eased.

It seemed like a decade,
that they hadn’t met
both of them seemed euphoric,
it was most halcyon yet.

Their feathers touched deeply,
they appeared enfold,
Indeed in realms like this,
love does mould.

A cackle above discomposed me,
a call from the geese,
they flew away, away from love,
in a cold sullen breeze.

Friends part forever- wild geese, lost in cloud.

This one is far better than the previous one. He said it is metaphorically about us, and was written after we met for the first time after 10 years. Honestly speaking I got very emotional when I read it for the first time. And a little sentimental today as I read it after ages again. Also, I am realizing too late that I should’ve paid more attention to the last line “Friends part forever..”. Should’ve taken a hint.


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