Remembering F.R.I.E.N.D.S


I am a huge fan of one of the most epic sit-coms of all time- F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And I’m absolutely certain there are millions who still love the show.


Needless to say, I obviously have seen each and every episode ( 24 episodes X 10 seasons = 240 episodes 😀 ). But recently I felt a very strong desire to watch FRIENDS all over again. No, I am NOT jobless! This in fact is a very crucial time of my life. But escapism is my forte.

SO……. This post is an ode to one of my dearest television shows ever.

Things I LOVE about F.R.I.E.N.D.S :

  1. All the actors are (were) so cute! Don’t you agree?
  2. The show is hilariously funny..!! 😀
  3. All the actors are perfect for their respective roles! They all are great actors too.
  4. I love the cohesiveness of the group. Love to see their everlasting friendship.
  5. Show’s scriptwriting is AH-mazzing. No doubts about that. The show makes you laugh and cry from time to time.
  6. Strong character sketch of all 6 of the lead characters.
  7. Chandler and Monica! Bestest couple ever. The episode where Chandler proposes to Monica and vice-versa got (Many) tears in my eyes. It was just beautiful. My eyes still get wet when I watch that scene. 🙂
  8. ROSS! Oh gosh. He’s so damn adorable! Silly at times, honest, has a heart of gold, kind, considerate, passionate. My favorite character.
  9. Rachel! She’s witty, cute, hot, stylish and a lot of other things. Who can not love her?
  10. Chandler’s inappropriate use of humor. He’s such a funny guy.
  11. Phoebe’s sheer randomness. She’s extremely sensible at times and plain dumb at times. Her quirky-ness gives a vibrant color to the show.
  12. Joey’s lovable stupidity! His unconditional love for food (& unquenchable hunger). His cuteness and his smile!
  13. Monica’s dedication for cooking. Her OCD doesn’t distract one from loving her.
  14. They all are GREAT friends. I wish I had a friend as supportive and understanding as these people.

Things I DO NOT like about F.R.I.E.N.D.S :

  1. Show’s ending. Other than not really liking how the show ended, I hated the fact that the show ended! Why couldn’t they give us a few more seasons??
  2.  Joey’s ending. Poor guy didn’t get a chance to find his soul mate / life partner. On top of that was left by his neighbors cum best friends in the end of the series (as Monica and Chandler moved out)
  •  One Thing I don’t exactly dislike about the show but feel very sad about : Monica’s biggest wish right from childhood was to have babies. It’s so sad that she coudn’t give birth to a baby and had to resort to surrogacy.

Though the hoax has been cleared out about FRIENDS ‘Reunion’ season, I still wish to see them together. Rooting for a new season!

They all look different now. They've become old. It doesn't matter! WE STILL LOVE 'EM!!

They all look different now. They’ve become old. It doesn’t matter! WE STILL LOVE ‘EM!!


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  1. I rewatched friends in December while studying for the math portion of the gre.

    And it’s still hilarious to watch it as a kid, but I think when you rewatch it during as an adult, a time when you are closer in age to characters you connect with it in a different way. Same thing happened with me and Bridget jones diary, I watched that for the first time in like 10+ years and enjoyed it more as an adult.

    • I totally agree with you!
      I understood the show better after re-watching it as an adult. It was 10 times more enjoyable!
      I liked Bridget Jones’ Diary as I watched it last year 🙂
      By the way, talking of GRE, what was your score?

      • I can’t say my score, because of people linked to my wordpress identity, I over studied verbal and wish I spent more time on math. I did very well on the essay, but I have taken lots of communication courses and philosophy courses especially dealing with logic.

        I’m satisfied with my scores, I just anxious hearing back for graduate schools.

      • Okay, no problem 🙂
        I was not very satisfied with my score though. Thankfully, I did not have to retake the exam.
        Even my grad-school application process is going on. Too stressful!
        Wish you luck.

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