Car Driving Woes.


Should I be ashamed of the fact that I can not drive? I mean I know by now I should be able to drive any vehicle with utmost ease. But is it absolutely disgusting that I don’t know driving?
I am confused. What is the bloody big deal? It’s not like I own a car! Also, I have no problem whatsoever in relying completely on various modes of public transport. So, basically when I am facing no hardships, I have absolutely no issues, then why the hell are others so bothered about it? Nowadays these ‘others’ have been constantly pestering me to take up Car Driving classes.
It’s not like I don’t understand the important of being able to drive, but what’s this urgency about? Okay people I will learn it I promise! What is the big deal???
Till now I’ve never had the need to learn how to drive a car. I always thought I’ll learn it when and if required.
I actually did try my hand once. My father tried to teach me how to drive 2 years back. I quit voluntarily after a mere couple of days as I couldn’t stand his Hilter-like behavior. He becomes a ruthless monster while trying to “teach ” anything. My brother and I experienced it long back when we asked him to teach us math.

That’s about it….
I know I will learn driving for sure. I promise that. Please stop coaxing me relentlessly. >_<



See.. Even the great Dr.Cooper can't drive. 🙂


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