Time for my Happy Dance!


Aaah! I am so happy today! More relieved than happy actually.

Because today I received  the Admission confirmation letter from State University of New York at Albany (for MA in Industrial/organisational Psychology).. YAY 😀

There was a time when I was thinking may be none of the universities I am applying to will accept me. This is the first admission confirmation I have received. I’m in an absolute blissful state right now 😛 Now I’m beginning to think that most probably the other universities I have applied to, will give me admission as well. 😀 I just have to wait for their respective review processes to finish. But for now I’m delighted to have atleast one university in hand.

I want to thank all the concerned people of State university of New York-Albany for making this decision. It is so difficult to handle my excitement right now! The United States of America, I am coming!!!!! I will be the first in my entire family to go abroad for higher studies…Isn’t that cool?

Is anyone from SUNY-Albany reading this?? Would love to know inside-details about it! By the way, I don’t know if I’m pronouncing the name right.. How is ALBANY pronounced anyway? Is it el-baah-nee or aal-bunny or what?? I’d appreciate a little help 🙂

My family members are even more excited than I am. Some were on the verge of shedding tears of joy. It was a little awkward moment but thankfully no one cried. Phew.

Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for the rest of the universities’ decisions.




P.S. What are you waiting for? Where are your manners? Come on, Congratulate me! 😛


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    • Great! Thanks! So it’s Al-buh-nee..hmm.
      And thank you so much for congratulating me 😀
      I am waiting for notifications from a few more universities, then only I will be able to my final decision.
      Did you hear from Any university yet?

      • Yes. I did. I’m going to Carnegie Mellon. It’s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Very good program. I smile every time I remind myself that I got accepted. :). Enjoy this euphoria, it will keep you going during those late nights studying.

        I’m trying to think of advice to help adjust you with the culture differences especially in academia and New York. You should watch a tv show Girls it’s an hbo show. It kind of summarizes american the psychology american peers our age and gives a realistic portrayal, fashion, social expectations, etc. For me that show represents my social landscape. There is slight nudity in the show, FYI.

      • Yeah I have heard about Carnegie Mellon. Congraaats 😀
        And I have seen ALL the episode of Girls 😛 although I don’t connect with any of the characters, I just love that show for some weird reason.

        Getting a culture shock is expected and unavoidable. No one can be fully prepared…

      • Yeah, thanks I’m super excited. Yeah I love Girls too. You know friends the tv show was suppose to be about people fresh from college like girls is but then they thought it wouldn’t sell so they made the characters in their mid to late 20s instead.

        The only thing cultural wise I have to add from conversations I have with international students is the term you are more familiar with high context vs. low context. In Asian cultures we put more emphasis on non verbal cues to communicate where american or western cultures are kind of oblivious to what their non verbal cues are communicating. So sometimes those coming from high context cultures might get offended by Americans for slights that were unintentional. But I think you can already expect that.

      • Hmm.. Thanks for sharing this information. Yes, I can somewhat expect such stuff.
        I just hope I get the company of another Indian (s) there.. It’ll help to make the entire experience more fun!

      • As a matter of fact, I have watched a few episodes of that as well 😛
        (More suggestions are welcome)
        Btw, have you ever watched Outsourced? I find it totally hilarious!

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