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Umm..Thanks Mackelmore



I don’t listen to the music you make but I thought why should that stop me from sharing this?


Faith in humanity Restored


It has been really long since I wrote my last blog post. I have been extremely busy with family. This was probably the last time we all were getting together like this. So, obviously it was a blast! Non-stop fun! 🙂

As the month of August is approaching nearer, I am beginning to feel more and more overwhelmed with anxiety, excitement,  and nervousness all at the same time. I am supposed to leave for Grad school in August. This would be the first time I will travel to another country and that too all alone! In fact this will be the first time I’ll travel alone in an airplane!!!

I am worried about a lot of other things other than flying alone to a country like the U.SA.

I am yet to carry out the entire dreadful U.S VISA process and am obviously freaking out about the visa interview. What if they reject me? Oh God!!! Don’t even want to think what will happen then as I have absolutely NO back-up plan. I was so ‘into’ getting admission in a US university that didn’t bother to actually have a Plan-B. Why do international students have to go through SO much before attending a college in the U.S? Especially sweet, innocent and harmless international students like me. ^_^ 😉

There’s also a lot of confusion about which university I should choose. Presently I am dwindling between two options and  the scene is like- 90% SUNY Albany and 10% CSU San Bernardino. Internet is not very helpful. I wish someone could tell me which one is better for Masters in I/O Psychology.

Apart from all this apprehension, I am also pleasantly surprised by the kind of people I’ve recently come across. I’ve been trying to get in touch with my future classmates these days , and the people who have replied to my emails have been so damn sweet and helpful! Feels lovely to know that such people actually exist! I mean I am just a stranger to them and yet they aren’t hesitating at all to help me (and tolerate my question-y self). It is such a relief to think that I am going to be around such lovely amicable and amiable people. I’m impressed America! God bless America! 😛


There’s a lot happening in my life and a lot is yet to happen before I leave my beloved country India. Till then I’m constantly trying to be strong willed and focused. Lets see how everything turns out.

As always, keeping my fingers tightly crossed and hoping for the best.

Signing out.