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Last few days in India


As the time to go is approaching nearer, I should be feeling happy/sad/nostalgic or any other emotion but I am feeling NOTHING. Absolutely nothing!

Today is July 25th and my flight leaves India on August 15th ( which is when Indian’s celebrate Independence Day. How poetic,  isn’t it? :p ) A very days are left and a hell lot of things are to be done- from packing to shopping to other important stuff. Instead of preparation what I do all day is- watch That 70s Show online. I love this show and I am glad I decided to start watching it. Watching all these actors in their teens is so much fun! (especially Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher). I’ve really started liking the character Steven Hyde :’)  I’ve started using the catchphrase “BURRNNN” a lot these days and my mom looks at me confused 😛 it’s hilarious!

Anyway,  getting back to the matter at hand. Should I be bothered about the fact that I am feeling pretty much NOTHING about my “last days at home” and “last days in India”. I mean should I be worried that I am not experiencing any kind of nostalgia about leaving home,  my family,  friends and country for a long time? My life is about to Change completely!! Am I expected to have an anxiety attack or a nervous breakdown? Yesterday a friend texted me and asked how I was feeling about leaving. I told him I feel nothing, I feel numb. It was then I realized the problem (or not-a-problem , I don’t know!). I think may be it’s better this way; to not think too much about the whole thing, to not feel too sad or happy. I want to take life as it comes. Whatever has to happen, will happen! I just know that I am extremely curious and mildly excited about everything that’s going to happen. From traveling alone in a plane for the first time, to changing flights at two different places I’ve never seen ( Frankfurt and Philadelphia), to meeting new people and new kinda people, to going on an apartment search in Albany, to progress successfully in Grad school, to find a job and earn money for the first time, to try different cuisines, to last but not the least- being independent.