Not again


That feeling is returning. And I don’t know how to handle myself this time. I don’t want that phase to reappear in my life. I thought that was it. I thought I was done with uncertainties, confusions and tears.
Why is that feeling returning? Why do I keep spiraling back and forth? Is asking for a smooth life too much to ask for?
Even when I know the main trigger of my problem – Over-Thinking, I can’t seem to do anything about it.
I wish there was something/someone that/who could help me.

Arrgh. It’s so annoying how negative thoughts always find a way to creep in one’s mind.


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  1. Finding purpose in life is the most effective way to keep the negative thoughts of the past from re-surfacing. When we’re idle, we tend to over-think and when we’re over-thinking, we’re actually investing in that painful thought. The more you invest your energy into something, the harder it is to move on from it. We need to invest in ourselves instead. Investment in ourselves result in growth which, in turn, leads to a happy & a more-confident us! That’s the only way to break the cycle of negative thoughts: DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF INSTEAD. Hope it helps!

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