Monthly Archives: May 2015

People are stupid.


Wow. Didn’t expect it to feel this weird.
I am writing on my blog after three months, and to be honest I sure did miss being here!

Just to quickly walk you through the major reasons why I decided to write today even though I have four big submissions due in 3 effing days (Man, Grad school is such a pain in the neck!).. Firstly, I’m hormonal ( PMS is a bitc*, right ladies?). The level & frequency of my over-thinking has doubled, my emotions are going crazy, the evil pms hormones are making me have drastic erratic mood swings , and, well is there a need for more?? Secondly, I was very recently let down by a good friend. Not sure if I must still address that person as my “good friend”. I am so pissed right now that I’m having thoughts like having no expectations from anyone EVER, not to trust another person ever, and so on.

It is not the first time another human being disappointed me & led me to think this way. It has obviously happened before. I mean come on, lets face it, people are idiots. Yes, they’re all jerks. It is never a good idea to expect anything from others. Trust me, 90 percent of the times you will fall flat on your face. You might argue that I’m being too harsh mainly because I’m pms-ing. Well, you are probably right. Anyhow, knowing that wouldn’t stop me from writing this post.

So where was I ? Oh yes. People are jerks. To be truthful, I don’t need people in my life who wouldn’t think twice before ditching me. People who aren’t dependable. People who also have a discrepancy between what they say & what they do. Why should I voluntarily chose for such people to be close to me? Why? I can’t think of a legit answer. I mean, why the hell should I let myself be treated like this? Why should I take crap from anybody?

Others letting you down time & again is not even the worst part. The worst part is them not even realizing what they’ve done. Or realizing it yet not feeling sorry.



If you have any experiences when others let you down, ditched you or disappointed you, please do hit the like button & share your comments!