I’m bored out of my mind. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am sick of binge netflixing! 

Of course there are plenty of things I could do to save myself from dying out of boredom. However there’s nothing that I really want to do! Urgh. Why does life have to be so difficult? 

It’s not really about passing my time productively or any tangible/material thing. It’s a prolonged sense of meaninglessness and purposelessness in life. Like I’m just dragging myself through this passage of life. 

Friends advice me to find a “hobby”, to learn something new, or to start dating again. To be honest I’d rather kill myself than start dating. And talking about a new hobby.. Umm I don’t think it’s possible for a ridiculously lazy 24 year old female to suddenly pick up knitting or painting to spend her time in a more productive manner. I’d rather watch something on Netflix. But I’m beginning to get sick of that too. Oh my Gosh I’m stuck in vicious cycle. 😫😫


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